Nutrition Improvement Programme

INFLUX Nutritional Products' commitment towards the elimination of hidden hunger

There is a way we can help to improve the lives of millions of people around the globe. We can take steps to eliminate malnutrition, especially micronutrient malnutrition or ‘hidden hunger’ by fortifying staple food regularly consumed by the majority of a country’s population with micronutrients. Ensuring that people’s diets contain adequate amounts of all the micronutrients they need would not only improve their state of health, productivity and learning abilities. It would make it easier for them to throw off the bonds of poverty as well.


Influx Nutritional Products has formalised the Nutrition Improvement Program, which has taken an active role in the elimination of hidden hunger. Via this program technical and scientific support for micronutrient supplementation programs and for the fortification of staple foods with vitamins and minerals in developing countries is provided.