Products - Premilk tablets

Formula :

Each tablet contains : Colostrum 500 mg

Packing : 1x10 Cap bottle pack

Dosage : As a dietary supplement, 1 cap a 3 times a day or as directed by health professionals

Uses of this Supplement :


Bovine colostrum contains immunoglobulins or antibodies that are released into the bloodstream in response to infections. These immunoglobulins may help improve immune system functions.
Bovine colostrum that is high in antibodies to certain viruses , such as rotavirus, may help prevent rotavirus-associated diarrhea

Bovine colostrum has been used for multiple sclerosis, although early results do not indicate any benefit. Additional study is needed in this area.

Bovine colostrum has shown potential for immune stimulation, and may be helpful in treating sore throat.
bovine colostrum may be effective for improving exercise performance

Bovine colostrum may be effective for improving gastrointestinal health. Preliminary evidence suggests that colostrum inhibits the adhesion or activity of certain bacteria to intestinal cells, which may help in the treatment of diarrhea