Influx Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading company in the manufacture and supply of micronutrient blends or premixes. We are perfectly appointed to support your activities with our extensive experience and knowledge in marketingand applications.


Our micronutrient blends or premixes are either standard blends or tailor made and manufactured according to your specifications.


We offer : (as nutritional supplement)

  • Vitamin Premixes for tablets / capsules / protein supplement
  • Antioxidant premixes
  • Granules of vitamin for tablet punching
  • Vitamin and Protein premixes for sports / gym supplements
  • Cusom made formula can be made



Why Influx Vitamin Premixes?


Adding micro - nutrients to food is a precise job…….


• Analytical control of ingredient
• Precision mixing
• Determination of storage and manufacturing losse
• Reliability and consistency
• Absolute accuracy
• Compatibility between the micro – nutrient
• Product form stability


All these are essential elements which fit together easily and economically in a Influx Vitamin Premix which is clearly labeled and conveniently packaged. Additionally applicability, practicality, convenience and greater safety, resulting in peace of mind must be considered.


All you do is open and add…