Crop nutrition

Crops require a balanced diet of essential nutrients throughout their growth cycle. INFLUX is one of the leading producer of such nutrients through its wide range of fertilizers.

Many plant foods can be found in the soil, but often in insufficient quantities to sustain high crop yields. Soil and climatic conditions can also limit a plant's uptake of nutrients at key growth stages.

Crop scientists recognize that plants need 13 essential minerals, all of which play a number of important functions. If any of these is lacking, plant growth and yield suffer. Farmers can turn to INFLUX for help.


Major nutrients


Nitrogen is essesential for plant growth

Plants need more of some minerals than others. Three major nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, or NPK - are required for a wide range of growth processes.


Secondary nutrients


Strawberry, secondary nutrients Three secondary nutrients - calcium, magnesium and sulphur - are just as important but only required in smaller quantities.




Apples and Influx micronutrients Six essential micronutrients - boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc - are also needed, though at levels of just a few atoms in every million.


Crop needs


Field with different crops If any one of these major, minor and micro-nutrients is lacking or in short supply, a plant will be stunted or die.